Tony Blankley with A G.O.P. Agenda

 Its getting closer to election day.  That means politicians and pundits are stirring.  Here.

We [Republicans] must commit to repeal. Millions of tea-party voters (and others) worry that it will be business as usual if the Republican party is back in charge. The public wants repeal, the country needs repeal, and Republicans must commit to it. . . .

Also, the GOP must make a firm commitment to economic growth and prosperity, which will require a balanced budget without tax increases. Serious spending cuts must appear immediately in the first budget the Republican Congress crafts. . . .

On the legislative front, for example, we should systematically purge the codes where possible and pass laws to expedite free enterprise and encourage micro-entrepreneurship. New businesses with just a few employees should have almost all paperwork requirements waived as well as the first three to five years of taxes. We want to encourage an explosion in such creative economic activity from the inner city to the suburbs. We need to systematically remove any legal barriers to citizen self-sufficiency.

Not sure about politicians providing leadership on any kind of virtues, but as a political independent and libertarian, I can get some enthusiasm for these concepts. I’d like to see how they are translated into policy proposals, which is a later step after conception.  Proposals to limit the power and scope of politicians and bureaucrats are appreciated.  They need to be put in a cage to prevent them from doing any more damage.  Giving them a leadership role in promoting virtues is too much.


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