Clive Crook in Financial Times on U.S. Taxes

Mr. Crook, writing in the Financial Times, wants tax increases to pay for the additional spending.  So let me get this right.  Politicians spend our own tax money to buy our votes and hide their interventions that caused this financial mess.  Then we’re supposed to surrender more of our hard-earned income to help them clean it up?

Tax cuts are not a government expenditure.  Taxes are a cost to taxpayers to have a tolerable government.  The money belongs to the people who earn it.  Politicians spend it recklessly then come back to us and ask for more.  What a racket, and Crook buys into it.  The Obama Democrats are the same as the Bush Republicans: partners in the Ruling Class.

No dice on tax increases, Clive.  Politicians need to give up their spending addiction.  Instead of cutting entitlements, the Obama Democrats created a new one and expanded old ones.  Republicans need to give up their enchantment with war, and Democrats their me-too addiction to war.

But Mr. Crook, has an idea I agree with: “A broader base with lower, flatter rates could easily raise more revenue.” Good idea in concept, how to make it a reality?


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