The Google/Verizon proposal gives broadband providers lots of leeway to offer preferential treatment to some and to choke off others. Most important, the two companies propose to exempt wireless communication from most government regulation — a serious error.

We strongly agreed with the principle articulated by President Obama and his F.C.C. chairman, Julius Genachowski, that the Internet should remain open on equal terms to all, a level playing field for Web sites big and small.

Editorial here. The Times people need to know. The Internet cannot remain open and on equal terms to all. The networks that make up the Internet are owned by people. They cannot provide equal treatment to text email messages and bandwidth-consuming video games, and charge apprpriately. The analogies are other products and services we buy of different qualtiy such as BMW and Ford automobiles.

The price differential will assure there is ample bandwidth for the various type of traffic over Verizon’s network.  It doesn’t pay for Verizon to “choke off others” if there is competition because unhappy customers can switch from Verizon to one of its competitors.