Call centre workers are becoming as cheap to hire in the US as they are in India, according to the head of the country’s largest business process outsourcing company.

High unemployment levels have driven down wages for some low-skilled outsourcing services in some parts of the US, particularly among the Hispanic population.

At the same time, wages in India’s outsourcing sector have risen by 10 per cent this year and senior outsourcing managers based in the country command salaries above global averages.


Yes, this is good news.  Wages are becoming more competitive, jobs for people with skills that are appropriate for being created.  This is what you would expect to happen.  Wages rise in some places and fall in others.  I can think of two reasons wages may be rising in India: demand for workers, and attract a higher skill-level worker.  It may be that the current crop of workers are not providing a satisfactory service.