The U.S. is Screwed

Democrats have continued digging the country deeper into a hole.

Conservatives think immigration is a winning issue. They are co-opting the Tea Partiers, which started out with promise.

By wanting to build a wall and guard it, they perpetuate the problem that every imaginable activity requires a government program. An employer verification database controlled by the politicians will no doubt lead to further controls. With an aging population, the U.S. needs immigrants to take the place of natives not being born. Further, why not ease the pressure of illegal immigration by: 1) making legal immigration easier; 2) ending the war on drugs.

They also believe Obama is a Muslim.  Don’t get me wrong.  Liberals believed all kinds of things about Bush.  To me, it’s a distraction from shrinking the size and scope of government.

Meanwhile, the growth of government continues.  A wall, monitoring, along with more bureaucracy to control immigration adds to the size of government and distracts from shrinking the size of scope of it.
It’s no wonder elected Republicans are not putting forth a post-election agenda. Their base is mixed up.

Democrats planted the seeds and have the pieces in place to ensure a winning governance — over time. They might take a beating in this election cycle, but they just have to wait for Republicans to crack up.


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