Regulatory Onslaught Continues

The regulatory onslaught continues.

WASHINGTON—The government proposed labeling each new passenger vehicle with a letter grade from A to D based on its fuel efficiency and emissions, part of a broader effort by the Obama administration to promote electric cars and other advanced-technology vehicles.


Regulators’ appetite for calorie counts is about to extend beyond restaurants to thousands of other places that offer food, including airplanes, movie theaters and convenience stores.


If you read the articles you might be persuaded by the arguments of the advocates. They seem reasonable; they say things like it’s a powerful tool in fighting the obesity epidemic”, and “Everybody’s going to be a little bit better informed, and that’s a good thing. . .”

The big picture is that these regulations are part of a larger plan to control all aspects of society through a permanent government bureaucracy.  You will have fewer choices as a consumer, an employee, an owner.  Don’t like your choice of salad dressings at the local supermarket, well that’s tough.  The FDA says the ones you see on the shelf are the only ones that can be sold.  After all, it’s for your own good.


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