Michael Tomasky on Glenn Beck and Tea Parties

If you tote it up, the government helps them a lot more than it hurts them, and if they think not, let them go open a hardware store in downtown Mogadishu and see how that works out.

Michael Tomasky is clueless. How about something more concrete? Try opening a hardware store in New York City, or installing a sign for a car wash in Cleveland, Ohio.

In this video with Drew Carey and Nick Gillespie, a guy in Cleveland wants to put up a sign for a car wash. He applied for a variance and was told it takes 60 days — 2 months — for approval. The summer is 90 days. Start at 4:35 and listen to the story. At 5:15, another council member explains the regulations that must be followed for the sign such as the size and number of colors, and the different periods of time to wait depending on the regulation. If the sign is within regulation it takes 3-5 days, but if not. . .  At 8:30, some politician says he has more “believability in what government can do for change.  It’s just my philosophy.”  Yeah, right.  Good english.    Video.


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