Bold, Persistent Experimentation Causing Bold, Persistent Uncertainty, Unemployment and Sub-par Economic Growth

That is my conclusion from reading the news accounts.  The Obama Democrats act like Santa Claus giving out Christmas presents.  They seem to come out of nowhere, they are a surprise, and they might not be what we want.

The latest example is the supposed economic stimulus measures being considered:

* No huge “second stimulus”
* Temporary exemption from Social Security taxes for companies that hire unemployed workers
* $12 billion in tax breaks for small businesses
* Infrastructure bonds for municipalities
* $30 billion to facilitate lending to small businesses

The constant tinkering causes people to wait for the next round of goodies to be doled out. Its like shoppers waiting for discounts.  They hold off buying and hiring until its announced then they have to decide if the deal is worth it.

Plus, the paperwork to comply slows down the implementation.  How is business going to implement or apply for a temporary exemption from Social Security taxes for the unemployed?  How are people in business going to get the paperwork and documentation for that?  Its ridiculous.



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