The Battle to Be Free from Excessive Regulations and Taxes

The ideological battle between central planning and free markets is over, but the battle to be free from the death of a thousand cuts rages on.  This battle is with the Nanny Staters, Taxers of the Rich, Protectors of Entrenched Interests, Control Freaks, Social Engineers, and Technocrats.

John Stossel’s program was about attacks on entrepreneurs. He showed boxes and stacks of regulations that were created just in the past year.

I have an idea for the boxes of regulations. Build a wall of them, a wall big enough that you can knock over. Then show the video clip from Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate where he says “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” Then knock over the wall.

This illustrates the next battle for freedom, which is the battle to be free from excessive regulations and taxes.


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