‘Wal-Mart moms’ struggle to stay afloat

“Collectively, the 30 women in the three groups included teachers, managers, dental assistants, child care providers, stay-at-home moms, clerks, accountants, truckers, health care workers and secretaries. Several had moved back in with a parent, and several had lost jobs or homes.”

The words tumbled out: “Downhill.” “Recession.” “Depressing.” “Backwards.” “Unfortunate.” “Sad.” “Loss of control.”
. . .
“The education system, the jobs and the economy … all of it is collectively getting worse,”
. . .
“feel like this is the recession that is never ending.”
. . .
“just trying to breathe.”
. . .
“It’s more barbecues, less eating out,”
. . .
When anger surfaced it was aimed at Congress, which they described as disconnected and unwilling to make the compromises that they have to every day. “The things we teach our kids: let’s work together, compromise,”
. . .
big banks, which they said had reaped most of the government’s bailout rewards, with no effect on them as taxpayers and citizens.

“We bail them out and now they won’t loan anything,”
. . .
Congress evoked words like “self-serving,” “boneheads” and “juvenile.” Obama’s name brought a gamut of emotions, from “disappointing” to “trustworthy,” but sympathy was a common theme.

Hmm.  I’ve thought and felt pretty much the same way this past year, even the sympathy for Obama.  But the sympathy evaporated when I realized he helped cause these problems.  Health care could have been fixed so much more easily and inexpensively, for example.  But instead we got a new entitlement program when the country can’t afford the ones that already exist. 

I got a flu shot today, $29.99.  Out of pocket.  From a pharmacy chain.  Why not $9.99?  Is it because the government restricts the drug makers from competing to make it?  Is it because the state or city government controls it?  I had to fill out a form, which the clerk entered into a computer.

Chuck Raasch.


2 thoughts on “‘Wal-Mart moms’ struggle to stay afloat

  1. If you haven’t already watched the documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, then I highly suggest you do.

    At first, the trailers made it sound like it was a joke. I thought it was going to be another one of those propaganda films pitting “Bleeding-heart Liberals” against “Right-wing Neocons” (you know the kind), but it wasn’t like that at all. Instead, the film was serious and focused primarily on corporations and their zeal to maximize their profits at all costs and with total disregard to the people or to the countries they might ultimately affect.

    A part of the film that I found especially intriguing was the presentation of a document written by Citigroup that was sent to the wealthiest of its investors; essentially stating that America was no longer a Democracy, but a Plutonomy (an economy run and powered – not by people like you and me – but by corporations and the wealthiest 1%). To be honest, I thought the document was made up bullshit and I’d never be able to find it online. (After all, who would be so brazen, or so stupid as to compile such information and then to let it go public?) But I was wrong. It’s real:

    Equity Strategy
    Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances

    As I read page-after-page, I could feel my eyes growing wider and wider in utter disbelief (My God…I mean, it was like reading a manual on how to successfully turn our world into George Orwell’s, “1984”)!

    I have to say that I’m rather embarrassed that I didn’t know about this document (or the documentary) before today. But now that I do, it only confirms what I’ve written about in times past: the powerful corporate élite are actually designing plans to take over the world’s economies and fashion its various countries into collectively owned corporate blocs, whereby people are no longer consumers, but hive-like workers.

    Now I know what you’re saying, and I totally agree with you…(It sounds like, “crazy talk,” right?) But there will come a day – however absurd it sounds – where national allegiances will be replaced with “corporate allegiances.” It might not happen tomorrow – or even a year from now – but trust me… Someday, it will happen…

    (CHECK OUT THIS LINK) http://www.youtube.com/v/IhydyxRjujU?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0

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