Americans Not Eating Their Veggies

Good luck. Despite two decades of public health initiatives, stricter government dietary guidelines, record growth of farmers’ markets and the ease of products like salad in a bag, Americans still aren’t eating enough vegetables.
. . .
These results fell far short of health objectives set by the federal government a decade ago.

Objectives set by the federal government? Expect the food fascists to come at you.

But clear guidance probably isn’t enough. Health officials now concede that convincing a nation that shuns vegetables means making vegetables more affordable and more available.

“We have to make the healthy choice the easy choice,” Dr. Foltz said. And the choices need to become ingrained.


Calling Senator Coburn (R-OK):

COBURN: If I wanted to sponsor a bill, and it said, “Americans, you have to eat three vegetables and three fruits — every day.” And I got it through Congress and it’s now the law of the land. Gotta do it. Does that violate the commerce clause?

KAGAN: Sounds like a dumb law.



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