House NY-1: Bishop (D, incumbent) vs Altschuler (R, challenger)

Bishop, 60, a Southampton native, votes reliably Democratic in the House, including on major issues such as health care reform and the bailout of the financial and insurance industries. In the current Congress, he has voted with his party 97.3 percent of the time, according to The Washington Post – though Bishop called the percentage “meaningless” because so many votes are “routine.”

In other words, he’s a typical establishment Democrat.

Bishop says he backed the bailout at the height of the fiscal crisis because the legislation’s failure would have plunged the economy into a deeper chasm. He said his ad referred to new legislation to create procedures to prevent the need for new bailouts.

Maybe the bailouts made the economic situation worse by plunging the government deeper into debt and pushing future taxes higher.

Altschuler said the company did not outsource American jobs but supplied back-office services so firms in this country and elsewhere could free their workers from grunt work, so they could be more productive.

That’s typical of what outsourcing and computer automation, such as ATMs, do.

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