BROOKS, FEULNER, KRISTOL Protecting Military Spending

Oh, please.  The U.S. Dept of Defense is going to spend $720 billion this year.  The percentage of that to the GDP just means the amount spent grows every time the economy grows and shrinks every time the economy shrinks.  I’ll say it again: conservatives treat military spending just as liberals treat social spending, a sacred rite.

Tea partiers and other fiscal conservatives need to get the facts on military spending. Don’t take the word of war conservatives. The U.S. spend far more than any other country. The world is no bigger, there are fewer wars, and the U.S. has operations all over the world, sometimes for decades. All spending must be cut.

How about reducing the demand for more military spending? How about more trade agreements and other peaceful cross-border activities that make war a truly ridiculous alternative?  Conservatives who are unwilling to cut military spending have zero credibility on reducing deficits and the size of government.

Reg req.

UPDATE: Radley Balko and Will Wilkinson pick up the attack on the op-ed.


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