Politicians are Problem Solvers, or Trouble Makers?

Technocracy is the rule of experts.  Enlightened politicians seek the one best way, and this one best way is gleaned in hearings where supposed experts testify, politicians learn the pros and cons of issues, and implement this one best way for all to live under  This way, politicians become the nation’s, state’s, county’s problem solvers.

In reality politicians act in their own self-interest, paying attention to the special interests that make the most noise and support them.  Politicians are more trouble-makers than problem-solvers.

It’s a fallacy to believe politicians can implement the one best way and all parties are happy.  Inevitably, some segment of the population gets screwed.  To minimize the damage they cause, their default position should be that they expand freedom, not constrict it.  At the minimum, the people can bounce back because they have the latitude to spontaneously adjust to new circumstances.

Get power and resources away from politicians so we have a fighting chance, not be dependent on them for our livelihoods.


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