As 2010 comes to a close, we once again learned about the false god of government as problem solver.  19th century politicians up and down government levels and across the political spectrum saddled us with more public government debt, power grabs over the Internet, nanny-state rules on personal consumption, payoffs to political allies, and oodles of rules on business and more crony capitalism.

By now it should be clear that average politicians are more self-interested than the average Wall Street banker.  The “public interest” and the Constitution be damned, or as soon-to-be Speaker of the House blurted: “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

Also in 2010, we got lessons in caribou hunting, a rejection of an omnibus spending bill, and a rumbling from the electorate on the above political machinations:  “GOP Sen.-elect Rand Paul said Monday that he wants to attach spending cuts to every piece of major legislation that comes before the Senate next year.”

We also got libertarian television, on Fox Business channel, hosted by take no prisoners host Judge Andrew Napolitano (and ostensible cousin of Big Sis Janet Napolitano), and MVP (Most Valuable Pundit) John Stossel.  Seriously, John is a top-notch host.