Progressive Political Payoffs

Progressives claim to help the middle-class by using government to achieve those goals. See excerpts from this news item on how Representative Darrell Issa (R,CA) asked business groups “to identify federal regulations that are restraining economic recovery and job growth.”

“This is even more evidence that House Republicans are in the business of protecting corporate special interests instead of creating middle-income jobs,” the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said in a statement.

Others were harsher: “Rather than providing a platform for presentation of a corporate wish list, Representative Issa should be subjecting corporate claims to the withering scrutiny he promises for the Obama administration,” the consumer group Public Citizen said in a statement.” It’s time we ended the Kabuki theater of corporate whining, and got on with the serious business of creating jobs and making America safer and cleaner.”

Aside from the writer following the old template of government protecting the public from bad business, which is a different topic, this article shows how progressives cater to special interests that come at the expense of the public:

Many doctors and providers of hospice care had praised the regulation, which listed “advance care planning” as one of the services that could be offered in the “annual wellness visit” for Medicare beneficiaries.

Why is this okay? Doctors and hospice providers get paid from taxpayer money for the services they render.  Plus, the government advertises for them, coerces the American people to use their services, and uses the government to steer business their way!  What a racket!


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