Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric, media cheerleaders, and other allies. Its politics as usual: say you believe in free market capitalism, praise America’s good things, then continue spending money we don’t have on b.s. projects, control and regulate our behavior through bureaucratic administration, and continue the deception.

“Sputnik moment”, like “teachable moment” before it shows this administration’s condescending attitude towards the American people.

Steve Moore in the WSJ:

Words matter in politics, which is why the federal government no longer “spends” (and wastes) money, but rather “invests” it. According to Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, nearly every penny of the $2.5 trillion domestic budget—for installing solar paneling on the roofs of libraries, funding lavish teacher retirement funds, building high-speed rail lines to nowhere, erecting billboards advertising the stimulus plan—is a high-return “investment” in America’s future.

This is all spin. It’s a variation on the theme that brought us the $814 billion stimulus two years ago. That spending—er, investment—was going to create three million jobs. Those jobs never showed up.