Overnight in Egypt the government shut down the vast majority of Egypt’s internet service, only allowing a network used by the stock exchange and most banks to stay live. Text message services were shut in an effort to disrupt protest organization and all cell phone service was ordered shut in select locations according to Vodafone, one of Egypt’s two main cell phone companies.


This clampdown is a warning to people in other countries not to let their government regulate the Internet, such as what the FCC in the U.S. wants to do. Hint, hint, wink, wink. The Obama administration telling Egypt’s political leaders to not shut down social media, etc.  That’s exactly what they want the option to do with the FCC regulating the Internet. 

Hands off the Internet, government bureaucrats! That includes not regulating service providers, ISPs, and other corporations that provide various products and services.  You never know what politicians will do when they are pressured.  Regulatory and administrative agencies, such as the FCC, are tools for politicians to wield.