Yes, but lawless is a positive outcome, isn’t it?  Well, not to politicians.

A thriving business has developed over the last few years that delivers super low-cost express bus transportation between cities like Washington D.C. and New York City, for as low as $1 (see picture above), but with fares typically running more like $26 round-trip on Megabus, $55 round-trip on DC 2 NY, and $35 round-trip on Chinatown Bus for travel in February.

So what’s the problem? The buses are clean, convenient, affordable, on time, and offer free wireless service, and the intense competition between many rival companies keeps it that way. Well, there really is no problem; that is, unless you’re a politician and can’t fathom the idea that a market can exist without some kind of government regulation and oversight, i.e. no appreciation at all of “spontaneous order.”

Worried that there is a “chaotic lack of rules” that could put travelers “at risk,” New York lawmakers have introduced legislation to tame a “lawless bus industry that has left Chinatown like the ‘Wild West’.”