Democrats’ Disingenuous Budget Cuts

WASHINGTON — Minutes before lawmakers and Vice President Joseph Biden met to discuss a funding measure to keep the government operational through the fiscal year, the Obama administration offered the first formal compromise.
. . .
As such, the president and Senate Democrats have already offered a continuing resolution that comes in at roughly $40 billion below those levels. Adding on the $4 billion in reductions lawmakers passed in order to keep the government running for two weeks following March 4th (when funds were initially set to run out) and the $6 billion in cuts Sperling and Pfeiffer unveiled on Thursday equals $50 billion total — exactly half of the $100 billion passed by Republicans.

So assume the budget is $3.5 trillion. When you see how absurdly little spending is being reduced you’ll see why the precise number is not that important. $50 billion of $3.5 trillion is .14%, less than a rounding error. Do you mean to tell me there is no waste or duplication in all that spending?  Every dollar is needed?  These people are not serious.



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