U.S. – Mexico Relations

The U.S. and Mexico reached a deal resolving a longstanding dispute over cross-border trucking that has subjected the U.S. to billions of dollars in punitive tariffs.

This dispute caused Americans to pay an additional $2.4 billion in annual punitive tariffs for more than 20 years.  In addition to the added dollar cost, “[T]the disagreement has forced goods headed from Mexico into the U.S. to be re-loaded into U.S. trucks at the border.”  That means longer waits and wasted resource.  In other words, this problem has been yet another disaster harming the American people.

There is a phase-in period and bureaucratic red-tape.  In the meantime, we have to pay more for goods imported from Mexico.

Relations between the two countries was strained because Mexico’s government foolishly escalated its own War on Drugs.  Didn’t they learn from the U.S. and other countries that is a war the government is guaranteed to lose?  Now, Mexico’s government wants the U.S. government to tighten gun laws and work to lower drug use.  Our civil liberties are already abused and they want us to be subjected to more?  Going backwards.  We want, and need, more freedom, not less.

A fine example of more government leads to even more government.



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