The Obama administration next week will embark on a fresh pitch for the health-care overhaul, seeking to boost public support for the law on its one-year anniversary.

Here. Get ready for the political propaganda machine as politicians and their useful idiots in the media industry and punditry profession try to sell you a boatload of crap. I ain’t buying.

These are the same people who said this new spending of your tax dollars will reduce spending (they say it will reduce the budget deficit but the deficit is a result of spending too much and is a distraction from the real issue of too much spending). 

They said we can keep our medical choices but we are being herded like cattle into the corral of government-run healthcare.  We are being herded behind the scenes by regulations that are implemented through doctors, insurance companies, and other health providers.

This was a scam on stilts when it was passed and its going to get worse unless it is stopped.