Trade is a Two-Way Exchange

When you buy something from someone you give the producer money and in return the producer gives you the thing you paid for. You, as the consumer in the transaction enjoy the product or service.  The producer gets the cash.  Fair deal.  Yet when that simple principle get tangled up with politics it somehow becomes something else.

The trade relations the U.S. and Brazil have are for the most part, amenable.  It allows for some exchange but the people in both countries are still getting screwed because of the barriers politicians in both countries put between Americans and Brazilians.

Our commercial relations with Brazil could be even closer if the United States did not maintain high trade barriers against such major Brazilian exports as sugar, ethanol, steel, and orange juice. Brazil would also export more cotton and soybeans if the U.S. government did not so heavily subsidize our own production.

We pay more for those products than what we have to.


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