School Board Rejects Salary Cap for Themselves

The Bayport-Blue Point School Board unanimously rejected petitions Tuesday night from nearly 180 residents trying to cap salaries of top administrators in line with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s call for belt tightening.

How’s that for rigging the game. Imagine if you had veto power over your boss’s decisions on how much of a raise you get. “Uh, no thanks, please double my 2% raise.”

Seriously, these people need to learn how to squeak by on $175,000 salaries per year.

Superintendent Anthony Annunziato, president of Suffolk County’s school chiefs association, recently told Newsday such a cap would prompt an exodus of his colleagues from the state. His remark irritated some residents, who consider district salaries too high.

Ah, the truth comes out. Money is important to government teachers and their supervisors. It is not about “the children”. It’s about the cold, hard cash. Taxpayer cash.



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