Politicians Need to be Controlled, Not the People

“First, they’re arguing over the bar tab on the Titanic,” Walker said. “We need to cut spending. Frankly we need to cut spending more than what has been talked about but over a longer period of time. But what’s imperative is that we need to attach some conditions to increasing the debt ceiling limit that will bring back tough budget controls…”

Walker predicted the US will have a debt crisis “within the next two to three years” and implored Washington lawmakers to “wake up.”

Here. For all those Americans who think the government needs to control immigration, that corporations are too powerful, or some other group of people need to be regulated, I say you are trying to control the wrong group of people.

Wanting “the government” to perform those functions translates into giving politicians more control over our lives.  Politicians need to be controlled.  They need their power limited.  They are the ones spending and regulating us into oblivion.  Even if banks caused the financial crisis, which I do not believe were the source of it, politicians still went on a wild spending and regulating spree for over a decade.  Budget deficits are the symbol of spending excess, and the federal register is the symbol of regulatory excess.  Politicians and regulators add a thousand pages a day to that.

Further, they’ve militarized local police forces.  I regularly see supped-up police in the NYC subway with automatic weapons, helmets, and other riot gear.  What are they expecting?  We regularly see reports around the country of police and SWAT teams breaking into private homes and shoot people and pets.  This is government.


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