Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX): Less Lonely These Days

Read Stossel’s column on Rep. Paul. The beauty of Rep. Ron Paul’s libertarian philosophy is its systematic disarming of politicians and bureaucrats (government) as a tool for social engineering and special interest vote-buying.

Politicians make-believe they are helping the average Joe, the middle class, etc by protecting them, or giving them some tax credits for good behavior, or punishing “greedy” people. Its nonsense. All that is cover for the politicians’ own ambitions to control your behavior and to amass power.  Its greed personified.

Think I’m off track?  Well, you think about what happens when some politician gets in the news to announce he, for example, wants a tax on financial transactions.  Oh good, you say, that’ll stop those greedy bankers, punish them, and reduce the deficit.  Well, not really.  The devil is in the details, and the details are that the politician attracts those same bankers to him so they can plead for a deal.  They donate to his campaign, and in return, he ensures the regulations are not as damaging as his rhetoric suggests they are.  If they don’t donate, he goes full-bore after them.  Either way, he wins.


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