GOP struggles for PATRIOT Act Votes

Oh, poor babies.

House Republican leaders are aggressively lobbying rank-and-file GOP lawmakers to pass a long-term extension of the Patriot Act, a Bush-era anti-terrorism law that has already provided Republicans with an embarrassing defeat early in their majority.

Here. Republicans will rely on Democrats to pass it.  Politicians in both parties just don’t get it.

They ought to consult with a Republican senator who understands the unconstitutionally of the damned act.

“My main objection to the PATRIOT Act is that searches that normally require a judge’s warrant are performed with an FBI agent’s letter, a national security letter. I object to these warrantless searches being performed on U.S. citizens. I object to the 200,000 NSL searches that have been performed without a judge’s warrant. I object to over 2 million searches of bank records, called suspicious activity reports, performed on U.S. citizens without a judge’s warrant. In the aftermath of 9/11, our leaders said give us your liberty and we will keep you safe. We would be wise to remember Franklin’s response that those who trade their liberty for security may wind up with neither.…Jefferson wrote that if we had a government of angels we would need no Constitution to protect us. But men are not always angels and I, for one, do not wish to unchain government from the bindings of the Constitution.” —Rand Paul in a YouTube video, February 9, 2011

Video here. Review of Rand Paul’s book here.


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