New York State Bill Increases Hygiene Standards for Wrestling

This is the sort of top-down mandate that drives up taxes and the cost of living.  It sounds good, doesn’t it, hygiene standards for wrestlers?  Who could be opposed to a proper level of hygiene for wrestlers?  Well, not many people, which is why it does not need to be a law.  Local people will provide a way.

What will happen with this law, and what happens with too many laws, is that it will be too detailed.  It will force a one-best-way policy that is costly to implement, instead of local schools finding their own solutions to this problem, if it is a problem at all.  It invites all kinds of special interests to add their two-cents, and the cost to local schools.

It has bi-partisan support, and it is a reimbursable expense. That means the state, not the local government, will pick up the tab. That sounds like relief but it does not reduce the cost of it, it simply spreads it to more people and it encourages overuse. Local people now have an incentive to buy the most expensive tools for this job because they do not pay for it out of their local budgets.



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