IBD Poll: Americans Say Cut Government To Aid Economy

Nearly four-fifths of Americans say the government should cut spending to revive the weak economy, with bipartisan majorities supporting a key GOP position in ongoing budget talks, according to a new IBD poll released Monday.
. . .
Cutting taxes to boost the economy draws majority support, but not as fierce, with the public favoring that approach by 54%-40%. Republicans favor it strongly, 71%-24%, as do independents by a slim plurality, 48%-45%. Democrats are modestly opposed, 51%-43%.

Cutting regulations is popular, with 53%. The partisan split is pronounced, with 75% of Republicans in favor and 58% of Democrats opposed.

The poll shows some conflicted views. By 52%-37%, respondents favor raising trade barriers to protect the U.S. economy. But they also back expansion of free trade to help the economy, 57%-33%.

With the exception of trade, cutting spending, taxes, and regulations is a good sign.  For the record, cutting trade barriers is also a positive step for the economy. Here.


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