Speaking about the Tea Party elected officials:

And in the end, they won another impressive victory. The Reid-Boehner compromise bill has no tax hikes (a miracle), it trims spending growth over 10 years by about $2.5 trillion and it includes a promise of an up or down vote on a balanced-budget amendment.
. . .
But the Hobbits can be happy that this bill is an incremental movement in the right direction that would not have happened if it weren’t for the 2010 elections and their willingness to stand firm.
. . .
Way to go, Hobbits. Just don’t go back home yet. There will be another fight over spending during the budget process this fall. You will really be needed then. Don’t let them get you down. Embrace your inner Hobbit and keep ignoring the establishment humans who want you to get in line.

Here. The important takeaways are that by standing firm the Tea Partiers changed the dynamics of this particular debate, and number 2, to change the direction is a process that requires some level of incremental change. Change in the correct direction.