In his column “Congress needs a Herbert Hoover reminder” (Aug. 16), David Osterberg states that Hoover “cut budgets in the face of terrible unemployment and poverty in America.” This claim is just plain wrong. A quick glance at Hoover’s actual record indicates that spending rose some 50%, from $3.1 billion in 1929 to $4.6 billion in 1932, during Hoover’s term. (See Table 1.1 of this government document: (
Hoover did do lots of things that were economically harmful—among them signing the Smoot-Hawley tariff and hiking taxes in 1932. However, in wrongly claiming that Pres. Hoover cut spending, it is Mr. Osterberg who reveals a need to become better acquainted with Pres. Hoover’s record.

Frank Stephenson
Rome, Ga.

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