Philip Klein: GOP needs to articulate a vision for health care

A sympathetic mainstream reporter sends a message to the GOP on health care.

Republicans may have convinced the public that President Obama’s national health care law will make things worse, but they have yet to adequately explain how they’d make things better.
. . .
As the 2012 election year approaches, Republicans won’t be able to rely on the unpopularity of Obamacare to avoid articulating an alternative. Just because Americans are unnerved by Obama’s massive health care overhaul, that doesn’t mean they’d tolerate a return to the old status quo.

In every other aspect of their lives, Americans enjoy a vast array of choices, as businesses vigorously compete for their dollars. Yet the health care system doesn’t function anything like this.

Here. Between the Democrats’ government-run schemes and the Republicans’ defense of the status quo as a result of not proposing a compelling alternative, Americans remain frustrated or confused. I spoke to relatives and they think pre-Obamacare the US enjoyed a free market in health care. As Mr. Klein’s makes clear, that is not the case.


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