Salena Zito: ‘Middle’ America indeed

Instead, they think of themselves as Americans who don’t fit neatly into boxes and still believe America can meet any challenge, solve any problem, if politicians will just get out of the way.
. . .
Liberals, conservatives, Green Party members and political agnostics all voiced the same belief: Washington doesn’t work, and reporters who cover it don’t understand America.

That has led an unprecedented number to conclude that if they can simply replace all the bums (including their own members of Congress and the president), things will improve.

Here. I think there is a more accurate interpretation. Replacing “all the bums” is different from “politicians just get[ting] out of the way.” Replacing the bums implies the current people are incompetent. Getting out of the way implies they are doing too many thing or things that prevent us ordinary Americans from solving our own problems. That is my view is that politics.


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