“If You Like the War on Drugs, You’ll Love the War on Guns!”

A new argument has taken hold among gun control advocates, that gun control could reduce police violence.

Will it help? Nope.

No law will rid such communities of guns in one step. Disarming such communities, as with disarming any population, would require a significant amount of police force. . . .

Gun buybacks are popular but ineffective. (Australia’s buyback program and gun crackdown created a violent black market in guns—but anti-gun advocates who point to the ‘Australian model,’ as Obama and Hillary Clinton have, won’t mention that.) Lowering the number of firearms in circulation would require confiscation. It would mean no-knock raids, flashbang grenades, and other techniques popularized by the drug war, and more.

So, if you want a police state, sign on to this.


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