The Lesser of Two Evils Presidential Election

Trying to decide who to vote for president? Here’s a guide.

This article is on the ethical dilemma faced by voters trying to decide whether to vote for the lesser of two evils: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Here.

My take: if you decide to vote for one of the two lesser evils, you are perpetuating a major political problem and postponing the change the US needs. Come four years at the end of the first term of the new president, the country’s problems will be worse, or at best no better, because both parties and their candidates are committed to the status quo. Both parties will take the results as whew, dodged that one. Okay, where were we?

Flashback: voters gave Republicans unified control of the federal government in 2000 after the divided government of a Republican Congress and Democrat President Bill Clinton. Actually, that was not a bad combination. Both sides worked to control spending, and President Clinton privatized what become the internet, among other accomplishments. It wasn’t great but the US ranked #2 in economic freedom in 2000.

A united Republican government gave us oodles of more government and less freedom: wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a response to 9-11; big bureaucracies in the Dept of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration as a response to 9-11; the Sarbanes/Oxley financial law that arguably chased promising IPOs overseas and diverted private resources to handle more regulations with no gain; a gusher of more spending (see “W. Bush” in red on this graph); a more complicated tax code; a Wall Street bailout; and more.

A unified Democrat government gave us oodles more government and less freedom: an economic stimulus program whose flaws were built into the very concept; a health care law that didn’t improve care and raised insurance premiums by as much as 60% and rising (here); voter intimidation and harassment by the IRS of President Obama’s opponents; the Fast and Furious Gunrunning scandal; and more.

Another way to look at whether to vote for the Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson, or any other third party candidate is that maybe, just maybe, the election results will start the momentum to real change. That is not throwing away your vote; that is a starting point for real change.

It is time to vote for candidates, not simply against the lesser of two evils.

Here are articles for voting for Libertarian Gary John and William Weld herehere, and here.


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