Jackson Health System to Offer Prices for Services

Finally! A health facility that will provide price quotes in advance of a procedure for healthcare services at their facilities. Jackson Health System has facilities located in the Miami, FL area. Link to quote page here. Their reason:

More and more insurance plans require out-of-pocket spending by the patient. Whether you have a deductible or coinsurance – or if you’re searching for healthcare services without insurance – Jackson wants to help you understand what you’ll pay for care. Today, patients do not have consistent access to quality, price, and service information when they are choosing a healthcare provider or considering treatment options. This price transparency service enables patients to make more informed choices.

Prices for medical services can vary significantly, even for the exact same procedure in the same area, with the same equipment. Jackson will empower you with information to make an informed decision about your care. Unlike traditional price estimators, which rely on averages, our service checks patients’ actual insurance information to provide highly accurate quotes based on their insurance plan design, deductibles, coinsurance, and more. This information will also be useful to patients who don’t have health insurance and want to research cash prices.

These quotes are for hospital fees only. Professional fees from doctors are a separate charge.

But still, its a step in the right direction towards price transparency that we, as consumers, enjoy with most other products and services we buy.


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