The Pay Gap of Men and Women and Kristen Bell’s “Pinksourcing” Video

Actress Kristen Bell did a video intended to be a parody about the fact that the average pay of women in America is lower than is the average pay of men.

If this were true, there would be a pool of skilled women who can be hired for less then men for the same job, entrepreneurs and hiring managers would be missing a big profit opportunity. They’d fire all those overpaid men and replace them with women. But that’s not the case.

Don Boudreaux responds. Kristen Bell’s video is in linked piece. Snippets:

[I]f this pay gap really does reflect widespread underpayment of women, then this pay gap is a huge profit opportunity for entrepreneurs of the fictional sort whose company is featured in this video.

. . .

If women are generally underpaid – if low-skilled workers are generally underpaid – if non-unionized workers are generally underpaid – if legions of college graduates are generally underpaid – if military veterans are generally underpaid – if blacks are generally underpaid – if all workers generally are underpaid – then profit opportunities abound!




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