Voting for Survival: The Election Story of 2016

TJ Brown:

Is it just me, or does this year appear to be the most pessimistic election season ever? Typically during presidential elections, you notice people’s optimism as they extol their preferred political candidate. . . .

Most people aren’t cheering campaign slogans of Hope & Change. . . .

Ask a Hillary voter why they’re supporting Hillary, and chances are it’s not because of her policies or her personality. It’s because they are disgusted by and terrified of the opposing candidate, Donald Trump.

It is the same with Trump’s base. Many are supporting him solely because they feel threatened by a Hillary Clinton presidency. They fear her quasi-socialist economic plans, her hawkish history on foreign policy, and her disregard of the second amendment. . . .

The ruling class in government has dominated for so long that it has become exclusively pursuant of interests that contribute to its own benefit rather than the benefit of citizens.

Whether this system will be salvageable remains to be seen, but one thing is abundantly clear: people are fearful of the future actions of their government. . . .


Worth a read.


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