Premier Health Plan Serving Ohio Exiting Obamacare Exchanges

Another day, another insurer leaving Obamacare.

“Amid significant uncertainty surrounding the future direction of U.S. health care policy, Premier Health Plan will join several other health insurers in exiting the federal health insurance exchange in Ohio by discontinuing its Premier HealthOne On-Exchange plan at the end of 2017,” the company said.

We don’t have this kind of commercial problem when we buy other products and services in the marketplace. We pick, choose, browse that fit our needs and price points and are generally happy with the choice. But not with health insurance.

The bottom line is that no matter how much politicians fiddle and tinker with Obamacare and government involved in health care, government must be pulled out by its roots.

Virtually everything we buy or produce are considered commodities, not rights or privileges. So when you hear someone ask if “health care is a right or a privilege” the correct answer is neither. This doctor thinks there’s a combination. He’s stuck. It is a commodity like everything else we buy and produce and those posing the question are trying to persuade your into thinking otherwise.


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