Another Problem With Employer-based Health Insurance

Steve Moore suggests an approach to health care reform emphasizing choice, competition, and cost reduction.

I want to highlight another problem with employer-based health insurance that is making life worse for Americans. Steve writes:

To further lower costs, Republicans must allow families to buy insurance across state lines, eliminate the employer mandates that has destroyed jobs, and expand transparency in pricing with requirements that hospitals and doctors post prices for services like an MRI or a colonoscopy so patients can shop around for low prices.

I agree with the buying across the state lines. And, not only does the employer mandate cost jobs, it also creates pre-existing conditions. Consider the following scenario: you have health insurance through your employer then your spouse gets sick. You lose your job. Poof, your spouse has a pre-existing condition. The employer-based health insurance has been in place for 70+ years, since the 1940’s.


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