Senate Passes Procedural Vote on Health Care

All Democrats, plus Sens. Susan Collins, of Maine and Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, voted no. These people want to keep all the taxes in place, the high premiums, the high deductibles, and all the other dislocations Obamacare caused. The individual market is a mess thanks to Obamacare. Shame on them.

We still don’t know how much medical procedures cost, we can’t shop around, doctors and patients still have to deal with bureaucracy and tons of paperwork. How many file cabinets filled with papers do you have? How many times have you filled out your personal information, which vitamins and prescriptions you take? Change doctors, you go through the process again. Oh boy, I can’t wait till next year when we’ll have to go through the insurance renewal ritual again. Maybe switch doctors again, fill out the forms again. What b.s.

We don’t have to do this for other stuff we buy.



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