Democrats on ACA’s Pre-existing Conditions

Here’s some Congressional Representatives from Florida on the ruling.

This comment in particular stands out:

“This judge sided w/ Republican Governors & the Trump Admin. who want to steal healthcare from millions of Americans, deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, & drag our country back to a time when healthcare was a privilege & not a right,” he tweeted.

Healthcare products and services are commodities, like almost everything else we buy. They are neither a right nor a privilege. Democrats want to convince you that a commodity can be a right, but that’s not how rights work. If healthcare were truly a commodity, it would be available in a variety of price points matched with quality. Providers such as doctors and hospitals are focused on the insurance, and only tangentially on your health. Its like your body is in one place but the payer is a separate entity. If you, the patient, pays, all eyes are on you.

Here’s some problems with forcing ACA insurance plans to carry pre-existing conditions:

For starters, they increase insurance premiums for the healthy. This in turn necessitates both the premium subsidies for lower-income enrollees—and the higher taxes that fund those subsidies.

Economic theory predicts, and economic research confirms, that these rules punish high-quality coverage and reward lousy coverage. They have forced ACA plans to exclude top hospitals and limit physician choice. They are increasingly forcing insurers to limit coverage for multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other expensive conditions. They prohibit consumers from purchasing coverage for nine months out of every year—a nine-month-long rationing period that inevitably denies care to patients who otherwise could have purchased coverage before falling ill.

Requiring insurers to cover healthy and sick patients for the same price imposes a hidden tax on the healthy, in the form of higher premiums, to finance hidden subsidies for the sick, in the form of lower premiums.

Meanwhile, Republicans don’t point out the problems and Democrats continue advocating them, thereby forcing Americans to pay more for health insurance. These people are cruel.

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