County, Town Politicians Buy Local Family Property

Desperate for tax revenues?  Budget shortfall?  Nah, these politicians found $6 million taxpayer dollars for this payoff. Suffolk county and Brookhaven town are now more then $6 million poorer because they paid for the land and private owners will not be paying taxes on it.

Obama: I Am Not Vilifying Business

Obama praised the free-market, saying he wants the government to “get out of the way” of innovation and job creation.

“In every speech, every interview that I have made, I’ve constantly said what sets America apart, what has made us successful over long term, is we’ve got the most dynamic free-market economy in the world. And that has to be preserved. We benefit from entrepreneurs and innovators who are going out there and creating jobs, creating business. Government can’t create the majority of jobs. And, in fact, we want to get out of the way of folks who’ve got a good idea and want to run with it and are going to be putting people to work,” Obama said.

Sure.  Not only do you vilify business, but, like President Bush before you, you do not support free markets.  You confuse pro-business with pro-market. You wouldn’t know a free market from a flea market. Regulations on credit card use, a consumer finance watchdog, bailouts, housing subsidies, higher income taxes, import tariffs on Chinese-made tires, and Obamacare are all statist policies.

On Obamacare, the previous status quo was not free-market, either. Using health insurance to pay for routine medical expenses totally distorts the purpose of insurance.  Insurance is for catastrophes, such as injury from an auto accident.  Obamacare went in the exact opposite direction.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become a “seal of approval” for many people.  Private entities could do that. 

Competition is the free market process that governs business practices.  Too much regulation, and bureaucratic administration are the government’s mechanism, and they usually stifle competition.

Pro-business and pro-free-market are different.  Subsidies, special tax breaks, import tariffs are all statist and pro-business.


WSJ: Tea Party’s Rise Gives Business Pause

Business leaders prefer a Republican-controlled Congress to a Democratic one, but are worried about tea party candidates taking away their subsidies, spending programs, and special tax breaks.

This illustrates the difference between pro-market and, pro-business or pro-free enterprise. Here’s a sample of the confusing rhetoric from a lobbyist:

“In many instances, we don’t know enough about the concerns of some of the winners in the primaries to be comfortable that they understand the intricacies of the battle for free enterprise,” said Larry Harlow, who handles the Washington interests of the American Petroleum Institute and such firms as Boeing Co. and Union Pacific Corp

Here’s the pro-market side from State Rep. Raul Labrador, a House candidate in Idaho:

Mr. Labrador said he opposed all government programs that help one segment of the business community over another. “I’m against all of them,” Mr. Labrador said in an interview. “I don’t think the government should be picking winners and losers.”

He included tax breaks for particular industries. “We should have taxes low for everybody, and not just for a particular industry or segment,” he said.

Simple rules, no favorites. Perfect.


Nassau Co. (Long Island, NY) Top Cops Retiring with $600,000+ Severance

County records obtained by Newsday show the highest package will go to retiring Chief of Patrol Robert Turk, whose base salary is $219,670. Turk will get an estimated $676,414 severance check – for unused sick and vacation time and other deferred compensation – after 37 years on the force. Another 37-year veteran, Deputy Commissioner Robert McGuigan, is estimated to receive the second highest severance of $671,740. McGuigan’s base salary is $217,117.

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