Americans Protecting Person and Property


Read these amazing stories which highlight accounts of law-abiding gun owners in America using their Second Amendment rights for self-defense in this online edition of the Armed Citizen®.

Great stories. It happens all the time and all over the country.

Home Defense – Comparing Shotgun Gauges

Jeff Johnston:

While a wild boar isn’t a human, it’s much tougher. If a 20 gauge will drop a boar like a bad habit, I believe it’s just fine for home defense, and may even lend certain advantages over a 12 gauge. What follows is a brief discussion on the pros and cons of sub-(12)gauges for home defense.


Sheldon Richman: Who Wants to go to War Against Russia?

Who wants to go to war against Russia in defense of Ukraine over the Kerch Strait, which lies between the Black and Azov seas and between Russia’s Taman Peninsula and Russian-annexed Crimea?

A show of hands, please.

But careful: don’t misconstrue my question. I’m not asking who wants the “United States” to go to war. I’m asking, rather: who is personally willing to fight the Russian military over the strait? Or: who is willing to see his or her sons and daughters fight, kill, and die in that cause?

Read the whole thing. Its a trove of information.



Trump: Experts All Say US Troops Need to Stay in Afghanistan

President Trump:

every expert that I have and speak to says if we don’t go there, they’re going to be fighting over here. And I’ve heard it over and over again.”

I suppose its the same with Iraq. Its gone so well. Of course, an “expert” will say the government needs to continue doing the same thing. Such insight is what makes them experts!