Florida Sun-Sentinel Details Failure by Broward County Sheriff’s Office and school district

Sun-Sentinel: “Two decades after Columbine and five years after Sandy Hook, educators and police still weren’t ready for Parkland.”

The article provides a minute-by-minute timeline of events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Baltimore gun buyback program nets 500+ guns

“Monday at the Shake and Bake along Pennsylvania Avenue, the Baltimore City Police Department kicks off their ‘Gun Buyback’ Program.”

But, things went a bit off script when one resident showed the weapon she intends to hand in so she can use the cash to buy a bigger one.

Story here.

NFL Players’ Protests, cont’d

Next thought on this topic is this. If the players in the NFL and other pro sports are truly interested in police misconduct and helping their communities, they should consider getting more involved at the local level. Police are government agents and thus can overuse their power.

Find out which politicians in the executive and legislative branches have been in office that are directing the police to act a certain way. Rise above the partisanship that contaminates every social discussion. Ignore the obsolete left/right, Democrat/Republican debate. As I said, its obsolete. A new government program will not work.

Get involved in your communities. Start a program related to your sport with your friends or fellow players to get young people involved and out of mischief. Get them educated in academics or learning a trade.

Identify your politics with isidewith.com

I Side With is a Q&A site that asks you several questions about the political issues of the day and how important they are to you. The quiz took me a few minutes for me to answer, then the system takes a minute to analyze your responses. It then displays all the candidates you are closest to (who you side with!) from several parties, where you stand on the issues, your ideology, the larger groupings or themes of the issues, and where other voters in the country think like you. Very interesting.

It show your relation to all the candidates and on what issues.

Take it!

SWAT Killing

In this case, the break-in did not lead to any shooting, but as the 68-year old suspect was lying on the ground, complying with all the police commands, he was accidently shot and killed.

Here. Jeez. The victim was laying on the ground. Maybe pro-life conservatives will take notice of the number of lives taken by the police instead of blindly supporting the police.