Atlas Shrugged Movie – Part 1

Are you kidding me? This movie was great! I don’t know where the critics come to their reviews. The acting was great. Wifey and I were glued to the screen.

We were moved by several scenes such as the new bridge that replaced the rusty, 100 year-old bridge. It is modern and beautiful.

The train rocked — sleek, blazing fast, reliable.

The heroes were heroic: Dagny (Taylor Schilling), Hank (Grant Bowler), Eddie (Edi Gathegi), Ellis (Graham Beckel). The villains are villainous, creepy, obnoxious.

Official site here.

Robin Hood: “libertarian rebel”

Cathy Young reviews Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood :

At heart, the noble-outlaw legend that has captured the human imagination for centuries is about freedom, not wealth redistribution—and this is reflected in many previous screen versions of the Robin Hood story.


I saw it and recommend it also. You know its good when Robin Hood wants “liberty by law”, as opposed to the whim of the kings (politicians of the day).

UPDATE: Here is David Boaz’s take.