NFL Pigskins at the Public Trough

Michelle Malkin:

Over the past decade, new tax-supported NFL stadiums rose up for the Indianapolis Colts (the $720 million Lucas Oil Stadium), the Dallas Cowboys (the $1.15 billion AT&T Stadium) the New York Jets and Giants (the $1.6 billion MetLife Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings (the $1.1 billion U.S. Bank Stadium), the Atlanta Falcons (the $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium), and the San Francisco 49ers (the $1.3 billion Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara).

Next in the works: a whopping $2.6 billion stadium for the Los Angeles Chargers and Rams and a $1.9 billion stadium for the Oakland Raiders when they move to Las Vegas. Left behind? An $83 million taxpayer debt on two-decade-old renovations to the Alameda County Coliseum that the Raiders are abandoning.

Bottom line: the government spending does not deliver the return on investment.

NFL Players’ Protests

Yes, I admit, it bothers me that athletes show disrespect for the values of the U.S by kneeling or doing something other than the rite before a sporting event.

There are two problems, though, that also bother me. 1) The National Anthem can be interpreted to pay homage to the state, as if it were a god.  To some people it is, but not to me. And, 2) as expressed by Don Boudreaux. How about the politicians:

who regularly disrespect the Constitution by ignoring and violating it.  Where’s the criticism of members of Congress who mock the Constitution by pretending to find in that document the authority to do what that document does not authorize them to do, such as (to pick only a few examples) subsidizing farmers, using tax dollars to fund a government-run pension scheme, preventing workers from agreeing to work at hourly wages below a government-set minimum, and restricting the amount of resources that private individuals may contribute to political campaigns?  In this light it’s fair to ask: Do professional athletes who refuse to stand for the playing of the national anthem undermine and ‘disrespect’ America’s core values anywhere nearly as much as these values are undermined and disrespected by the countless government officials, elected and appointed, who daily act in disregard for the Constitution that each of them took a solemn oath to uphold?