Broward County, Florida: Poster Child for Bad Governance

It may not be the worst jurisdiction in the country, but the 2018 mid-term elections are the latest example from Broward County officials.

A federal judge reportedly blasted Florida as the “laughingstock of the world” on Thursday after state officials have repeatedly failed to anticipate problems in elections.


The Parkland school shooting was initially blamed on availability of firearms. Now, time has passed and it turns out more bureaucratic bumbling is more to blame. Clues: failures at the scene, mishandled tips, security risks ignored, brushing off warnings, shuffling Nikolas Cruz, FBI failures.

“There were so many mistakes,” said Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine, whose district includes Stoneman Douglas. “I don’t feel there’s been sufficient accountability. But more importantly, the people that live in northwest Broward, my neighbors and friends, don’t feel there’s been accountability.”


Broward County was the epicenter for the 2000 general election, hanging chads and all that.

My cynical perspective is that Broward County Democrats like this opaque, antiquated voting process because it lets them manipulate the vote count by manufacturing votes, undercounting votes, etc.

Bureaucracy is how Democrats hide their unpopular preferences. Hence, thousand page, murky written legislative bills.