Women’s March Train Wreck

Tammy Bruce:

The Women’s March, like the liberal establishment itself, has completed its transition to a medieval religion; those who are unacceptable due to race, religion or wrong-thought, are heretics.

Then the unraveling began. The original founder called on the current national leadership to resign over accusations they are pushing racists and anti-Semitic views.

In other words, the organizing tactics used by the left in every community and country they’ve destroyed from within. Some might think that’s an unintended consequence of stupid, divisive ideas. Or it could be exactly the point. The left thrives on chaos and division and, strangely enough, it’s exactly what they promulgate.

Independent Women’s Voice (an organization of which I am president) is building a campaign and holding a counter-event on Jan. 19 in Washington, D.C.

A medieval religion. Tribal. Yuch.

Hail the individual, the individual of Western civilization, who voluntarily joins or starts organizations, is tolerant of others not like them.


Human Freedom Index of the World

Dan Mitchell:

The 2018 version has just been published, and, as you can see, New Zealand is the world’s most-libertarian nation, followed by Switzerland and Hong Kong. The United States is tied with Sweden for #17.

. . .

And that also is apparent on this map (darker is better). So maybe “western civilization” isn’t so bad after all.


Western Civilization: The Invisible, Beautiful Miracle That We Ignore


Although perhaps there is something, somewhat less obvious, that holds this community together: Western civilization.

Respect for others. Property rights. The rule of law. Free speech and thought. Judeo-Christian ethics (even among those who do not practice a Judeo-Christian religion). Free markets. Self-responsibility, and “thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s stuff.” And so on. There are reasons that Hilton Head is a nicer community than, say, Aleppo, Syria. Even though Aleppo has established families, influential churches, and community schools, just like rural Ohio and rural Tennessee. But Aleppo is not Ohio or Tennessee.



Western Civilization. Ignore it no more. Defend it. Promote it. Enjoy it. Teach it.