The Versatility of Chino Pants

The chino pant type is one of the most versatile a man can have in his wardrobe.

Chinos come in various fits such as fronts with pleats or flat, cuffs or no cuffs, tailored, slim, athletic, straight leg. The most common color is called khaki, but that includes many variations of tan, white, and even green. Chinos are made in all cotton but also made in blends of cotton and polyester. Get them dry cleaned and pressed with a crease.

Chinos are dressier than jeans but less dressy than slacks.

Wear it with a golf shirt and a pair of brown-ish Topsiders or loafers for everyday casual or for business casual days. Wear it with a collared shirt and brown-ish dress shoes, and you’ve taken a step-up in dressiness. Throw on a navy blue or brown blazer and a tie and you’ve taken another step-up in dressiness.

I have Dockers and Grant Thomas brand chinos, but there are many brands from which to choose. I’m tall and thin so those brands and their fits work for me. As with my chinos, I have mostly IZOD golf shirts because they fit me better.

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